Home 2 is a new layout and will not come with the demo content until we release the new theme version.

If you want to use it, here is what you have to do: 

1. Copy the code from Get all codes http://the-wedding-day.vamtam.com/get-codes-3/

2. Add new page on your web site and paste the code

Please follow this guide, if necessary: http://wedding.support.vamtam.com/support/solutions/articles/200783-how-to-copy-an-individual-demo-page-get-the-code


3. Go to VamTam Options field below the editor and change the page layout type to Full layout. Also turn off Show Page Title Area option

4. Go to Discussion field and uncheck Allow comments

5. To have the same look like Home 2 you need import the Layered slider. The .zip file is attached at the bottom of this article.

6. Go to Layer slider WP >> Import & Export Sliders area - click on Choose button, next on Import button. If you did it right, you have to see Slider - Horizontal - Home 2 in the list with available sliders

7. Go to VamTam Options field below the editor and choose Slider - Horizontal - Home 2 from drop&down menu

8. Click on the Update button to save your changes